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Staffing Quality Process

Competition for top IT talent is fierce. Sifting through irrelevant CVs is frustrating. And you need someone to start … well, yesterday, if possible.

We’ve been helping clients find qualified IT professionals for over 30 years … and despite being one of the largest providers of IT talent in the world, we’ve never gotten complacent. We know finding quality talent is your number one priority, so we’ve built and refined a process to ensure we deliver every time. Our Staffing Quality Process® is a defined, proven approach to hiring top IT talent.

Our Staffing Quality Process enables us to find IT talent for over 6,000 clients annually. It’s helped us find that IT talent during the early days of the World Wide Web, the dot-com bubble and bust, and a number of recessions. It’s why you can rely on us to consistently deliver results.

Market Analytics

Knowledge is a powerful competitive advantage. Understanding your local IT labour market gives you—and your HR and procurement teams—a realistic and accurate view of the supply, demand and salary expectations for skilled talent in your area.

Why is this so important? With such low IT unemployment, market insight can help identify who the top performers are, where you can find them and what it takes to attract them. Our account managers provide insight from local market analytics, annual customer and consultant surveys, active industry memberships and participation in local user groups. Plus, if the numbers indicate you need to cast your net wider, we can quickly scale our search leveraging our 100 locations across the globe.

Customer Knowledge

Finding the right person begins with getting to know you—your business, your IT initiatives, your corporate culture. By understanding the unique context that drives success in your organisation, we can build an employee value proposition (EVP) that top IT talent find relevant and compelling.

Why is this so important? The average IT professional is contacted by recruiters several times a week—you need more than a job title and competitive rate to stand out. Building a strong EVP and effective job description improves attraction of the right candidate and further streamlines our ability to screen and select candidates who are a technical and cultural fit, and can quickly become productive team members.

Staffing Quality Process®

Sourcing Strategy

It really is about who you know. We tap top IT professionals for referrals to find proven talent and passive job seekers. And that’s in addition to our huge network, giving us better access to IT talent than other organisations.

Why is this so important? You can’t rely on job boards alone. Some of the most talented IT professionals may be finishing up another assignment, aren’t actively searching or aren’t publicly visible. By utilising a referral-based sourcing strategy and leveraging our massive network of IT professionals, we increase our selectivity, speed and effectiveness in finding top talent to meet your specific needs. And our national and global recruiting centres are dedicated to continuously building a pipeline of especially niche or hard-to-find skill sets.

Screening and Selection

You want the right person, not just the right CV. A thorough screening process filters out unqualified candidates. Our candidates have a face-to-face interview (for cultural fit), technical evaluation (for technical fit) and at least two supervisory reference checks before being presented to a client.

Why is this so important? You don’t have time to waste interviewing unqualified candidates, or worse, hiring the wrong person. We provide you with a fully vetted short list of IT professionals who match your requirements. We provide screening results and you have the option of speaking with the references yourself, so you can feel confident you’re making an informed hiring decision. And once you’ve picked someone, we can coordinate hiring processes, position preparation and onboarding so the new hire can ramp up to productivity as quickly as possible.

Relationship Management

Relationships take work. To last, they require open communication and consistent engagement. We drive consultant retention and enhance consultant performance through consistent post-placement communication with our clients and consultants.

Why is this so important? Retaining high-performing IT professionals is critical to the success of your IT projects. Every 30 days, we facilitate performance feedback with our consultants and hiring managers so we can proactively address any issues and help you plan for upcoming workforce needs. We employ a formal retention programme with our consultants to provide them with continuous opportunities and facilitate smooth project transitions.