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Converged Network Managed Services

As your business adopts new technologies, systems and processes, your infrastructure must keep pace to ensure you reap return on your investments. The teams who support your network infrastructure and IT service desk play a critical role in achieving this goal. IT leaders need reliable professionals who deeply understand technology, offer exceptional service to the business, and are passionate about innovation and continuous improvement. IT organisations must ensure their network infrastructure environment is flexible, agile, secure and well-managed. We provide Converged Network Managed Services to address critical components of IT Service Management, information security, Unified Communication and collaboration.

Our Managed Services provide a team of high-performance resources that work as an extension of your permanent staff. 

The team is directed by an experienced and certified delivery manager who works with our clients to ensure service capacity ebbs and flows seamlessly as your needs adjust in volume or scope. As a part of this service, we also define, streamline and optimise how resources accomplish in-scope work outcomes to lower your total cost of ownership and achieve higher levels of performance through our proprietary QCR (quality, cost, risk) methodology.

Over time, our Managed Services help you optimise how and where network infrastructure should be performed. If outsourcing is the long-term objective, we will scale toward it by establishing baseline requirements, service-level targets, workflow interaction, sign-offs and tollgates, while working initially under a co-managed model. Once these components of your programme are optimised operationally, we will evaluate the ideal location in which to perform the work and transition it appropriately.

Each Managed Services engagement is calibrated to meet specific client needs and can include any or all of the following responsibilities:
  • Technology and industry-focused Centres of Excellence (COEs)
  • Discrete practice assistance
  • Engagement management and governance
  • All HR-related tasks/activities pertaining to the TEKsystems team
  • Resource capacity planning
  • Resource selection, customised onboarding and training programmes
  • Collection of relevant institutional knowledge
  • Documentation of in-scope work processes
  • Performance reporting, benchmarking and communication management
  • Scaling resources up or down seamlessly
  • Transition planning and execution
  • Quality assurance of deliverables
  • Process improvement consulting and implementation
  • Development of an outsourcing roadmap with baseline metrics 

How We Drive Business Outcomes

Our delivery managers possess years of proven expertise in IT and operations management. Each is an experienced, certified manager and TEKsystems employee, armed with a litany of tools and methodologies to implement best practices.

We use our proprietary quality process to assess your needs and deliver the right people, when and where you need them. This process aligns our understanding of your business needs with specific project requirements. In addition, our local market expertise and long-term relationships with a range of highly qualified IT contractors enable us to quickly scale resources for every engagement.

Through our Managed Services model, we engage in an ongoing resource planning process that enables us to project needs at pre-defined increments (i.e., 30, 60 or 90 days) and manage capacity accordingly. This approach ensures that we only bill for what is consumed in terms of hours and/or defined service levels. Our delivery managers also support optimal utilisation by providing the proper attention and oversight required to run a high-performance team.

Our Managed Services model goes beyond providing resources or even managing a project from beginning to end. Instead, you can count on us to consistently achieve work outcomes when and how you prefer to partner. As we take responsibility for knowledge management of in-scope workflows, you gain the peace of mind that we possess the business acumen and insight required to effectively execute your goals.

Our model aligns utilisation and profitability incentives with all stakeholders to drive continuous improvements in workflows and outcomes using our proprietary QCR methodology.

Our Managed Services allow for clear accountability and streamlined billing, while providing you with the flexibility you require to manage through peaks and valleys in workload.