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Work for TEKsystems in Bangalore

Hard work and intelligence alone cannot take IT professionals to the top of the business world. Opportunity is just as essential a component to professional success.

As a global, multi-billion organisation with nearly 30 years of experience delivering IT solutions in support of business goals, we currently serve 6,000 clients annually.

Further, we consistently achieve double-digit annual growth thanks to our ability to attract, develop and retain the best IT professionals across the globe.

IT Talent Wanted

TEKsystems’ team at our solution centre in Whitefield, Bangalore performs IT project-based consulting and outsourcing services spanning Application Development, Enterprise Applications and Middleware Services, Analytics Services, and Quality Assurance (QA) and Testing. To support our growing client base, we are seeking the highest-calibre IT experts to join our full-time team. Specifically, we’re interested in those who have the technical competence to deliver results, the ambition to make their mark and the passion to lead our team into a profitable future.

Why Work for TEKsystems?

The team environment provides vast career development opportunities and many high-visibility projects. Moreover, we offer a wide range of challenging and rewarding responsibilities through our business partnerships with industry-leading clients and fast-growing industries.

Our competitive compensation package acknowledges and rewards your skills and merits. Moreover, projects are developed using leading edge technology, allowing you to hone and enhance your applications skills over time.

Our culture is team-oriented and people-focused. You will learn from experienced leaders who can coach and mentor you, helping you to continually develop your skills while achieving your personal and professional goals.

We will continue to expand our footprint in India as our business grows. Our future is bright because we are well-funded and financially stable. Additionally, we have experienced high growth and profitability since our founding by truly caring about our employees and making business decisions that prioritise their needs and interests.

We built a high-performance team by valuing diversity in background and thought. You will experience a multi-cultural environment that encourages innovation and collaboration across teams.