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Global Delivery Network

IT leaders are asked to control costs, mitigate risks, deliver quality outcomes and improve flexibility, all while responding to ever-changing business needs. To strike this balance, many leaders seek alternative service delivery options that allow them to invest more strategically in core business activities and improve ROI.

When leveraging an off-site solution centre, IT teams and work processes should function seamlessly to consistently achieve success.

Our global delivery network consists of five primary solution centres staffed with highly specialised teams that are experienced in the latest technologies and IT delivery methodologies.


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Value-driven Service Delivery

Whether client needs are technology-driven, industry-specific or location-based, TEKsystems expertly delivers a right-fit solution. We provide consistent outcomes for clients seeking best-in-class methodologies, top-tier technical resources, flexible pricing models and shared accountability for project success.

TEKsystems offers a proven track record of providing clients the people, processes and tools needed to achieve and maximise quality outcomes.

  • Standardised tools, best practises and standard operating procedures across all locations
  • Centralised control and coordination of single/multi-site project execution and transitions through a global Project Management Office (PMO)
  • Project governance in accordance with Project Management Institute's (PMI) standards
  • Microsoft Gold Partner with access to leading-edge software, producing application lifecycle innovation and support
  • Oracle Platinum Partner with advanced product knowledge for legacy, current and emerging Oracle application platforms
  • Oracle Business Intelligence R&D partner with proprietary accelerators to ensure project success

Our service offering includes industry-driven solutions that are domain-specific and uniquely tailored to ensure strategic alignment and provide specialised support to each client’s business.

  • Proprietary Agile-based TEKnique™  methodology for development and mobility services
  • Technical expertise in ITIL®, PMI, SDLC, PMLC and other best-practice methodologies
  • Talent management expertise to best attract, develop and retain IT professionals
  • Dedicated leadership, sales, delivery and governance teams with hybrid business and technical skills
  • Applications and infrastructure practice support

Our solutions proactively identify and address potential issues and obstacles.

  • Secure facilities with 24x7x365 security and support personnel
  • Stable network with modern infrastructure and redundant power, data and telephony systems
  • Proactively monitored  to ensure service availability, data backups and business continuity planning
  • IP protection and co-employment mitigation

TEKsystems' global delivery network offers cost-effective service delivery options to provide our clients with expert support in achieving their business goals.

  • Access to global markets and high-quality resources at comparative market labour rates
  • Lower transition costs, repatriation expertise and increased speed to productivity
  • Added value derived from shared/fractional resource model
  • Increased capacity via access to a broad delivery network and configurable space

Our insight into IT workforce and organizational dynamics enables us to assess, scale and adapt plans to optimise each client’s project requirements.

  • Right-fit managed services, project-based outsourcing and full outsourcing options
  • Workforce and service delivery solutions tailored to meet clients’ short-term and long-term needs
  • Facilities employing IT professionals including a 24x7-managed bench of technical resources
  • Common engagement, fractional and shared resource models
  • Configurable work environment equipped with expansion options
  • Locations within 100+ global IT markets and relationships with the top talent in local markets

Our Focus

TEKsystems' solution centers help clients control cost, mitigate risk and delivery quality outcomes in the following areas.

Facility Features

Our solution centres are equipped with secure infrastructure and top-tier technology and offer the best in service and delivery options. Our facilities offer private and secure rooms, advanced security systems, uninterrupted power supply and redundant network connectivity, as well as business continuity and disaster recovery plans. Additionally, each TEKsystems solution centre boasts a sleek modern interior design, well-equipped workspaces and a professional office environment. Our configurable project spaces are designed to optimise cost and accommodate expansion as project and client needs evolve. Ample conference space, fully-equipped training rooms and voice, chat and video technologies further ensure ease of collaboration.