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IT Talent Management Expertise

While technology can enhance competitive advantage, people are an enterprise’s only renewable asset. IT leaders must think strategically about how to manage their workforce to ensure they are positioned to deliver and ready to respond to emerging IT trends.

Our real-world conversations, combined with our primary research on the IT workforce, enable us to offer practical guidance to optimise how you attract, develop and retain your IT employees.

Our IT talent management expertise stems from our unique perspective on the IT workforce.


Through thousands of client experiences, we know who’s doing what with their IT workforce and what works best.

Local Labour Market Expert

Our consultants are experts in their local IT labour markets. We know supply and demand intelligence, where the best performers are, what they cost and what strategies are ideal for IT talent attraction and retention. Learn more about our local IT labour market knowledge.

Primary Research Studies

We invest heavily in research to analyse emerging trends in IT and to assess the psychology of the IT worker. Our findings enable us to improve our own business model and to advise you on talent management strategies that can help you achieve your business targets.

Practical Insight and Advice

Compared to the competition, our clients rate us 30 percent higher and our IT contractors and permanent candidates rate us 25 percent higher than the competition. By practicing what we preach on how to lead and manage IT talent, we have gained this competitive margin and helped our clients do the same with their customers and employees.

We consult and advise on the following topics to drive successful IT initiatives:

  • Candidate screening and selection
  • Compensation analysis and rate benchmarking
  • Contract and permanent placement onboarding
  • Employer branding and Employee Value Propositions (EVPs)
  • Performance management, coaching and feedback
  • Succession management
  • Workforce planning strategies
  • Talent sourcing and attraction