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TEKsystems Industry Services

While many IT challenges are shared across the general marketplace, there are key distinctions among industries that are important for IT service providers to fully understand.

Strategic Accounts Programme

Our Strategic Accounts Programme dedicates focused expertise to large enterprise accounts in specific industries:

  • Communications
  • Energy
  • Financial Services
  • Technology Services

Key Benefits of our Strategic Accounts Programme

  • Consistency: We offer consistent pricing, quality, service delivery and performance tracking across all of your locations.
  • Consultative Partnerships: We take the time to build and maintain intimate knowledge of your industry, business, IT initiatives and corporate culture to ensure our services meet your needs and fit your environment.
  • Dedicated Teams: Our account management, engagement management and service delivery teams are dedicated and knowledgeable about the nuances that define and shape your industry.
  • Extensive Geographic Reach: With over 100 locations, we ensure service coverage across North America, the U.K., Europe and Asia.
  • Single Point of Contact: A director-level, single point of contact centralises service management and issue escalation across all of your locations to streamline operations and increase the ease of doing business with us.
  • Specialised and Relevant Solutions: We offer a suite of services that are tailored to fit your industry-specific requirements.